• A London Pilgrimage

    England’s beauty lies in small places, tangled pathways, covered gates England by Kate Harrison, We bring you a king with a head of gold: dark britannica ii Pilgrimage is something that has always been interesting to me, not just the journey, but the knowledge that it embodies. The mapping of a landscape with history, and […]

  • Possible Iron Age shrine excavated in the Yorkshire Wolds

    Amazing news came through at the end of last week. A possible ‘shrine’ has been reported by excavators in the Yorkshire Wolds, as I understand it the site is located a few hundred yards from a fortified settlement which includes a Bronze Age ringfort which was excavated by Dr Peter Halkon and James Lyall a […]

  • Excavation at Caistor St Edmund Temple

    On going excavations at one of the Caistor Roman town (Venta Icenorum) temples is being reported day-by-day in an excavation blog! The blog is here and I’m eagerly watching it each day for new finds. They’ve already found a tessellated floor, remains of red plaster, and the ‘terminus’ wall. The temple was first excavated in […]